Save on gaming needs with Groupon!

Thank you to Groupon for sponsoring this post how to save on gaming. All opinions are my own. Alright gamers! Let’s talk a bit about shopping. Where do you go when the newest games come out? Are you loyal to one store or do you shop around for the best deal? Keeping our family of 6 in all of the […]

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The Saga of Loud Music Coworker – Comic Strip #15

The Saga of Loud Music Coworker

Of all the cubicles in all the offices in all the world, she sat next to mine. The saga of Loud Music Coworker begins.

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Maturity Level: 0 [ MLB: The Show ] – Comic Strip #14

maturity level 0 mlb the show

Inside every adult male is an immature little boy just waiting to be unleashed. Thank you to MLB: The Show for fulfilling that urge.

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