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Any Landing… – Comic Strip #11

any landing

any landing

Our flight back to the Minneapolis airport was blessedly uneventful. Right up until we landed, that is. Just as we were about to touch down, the plane suddenly tilted to one side and I swear we came down on only half the landing gear. As soon as the plane righted itself, the pilot slammed on the brakes and everyone was jolted forward in their seats.

A number of passengers around us were joking about the crazy landing, but I was just staring straight ahead, my fingers locked in a death grip on my armrests.

I imagine that most people assuming death was mere moments away would have thoughts going through their heads of their loved ones, their significant life moments, and possibly regrets of things they never accomplished – like finally seeing the ending of Mass Effect 3.

I had only one thought going through my head at that moment. It was this:


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