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You Had One Job [ Pokemon ] – Comic Strip #9

You Had One Job - Pokemon

You Had One Job - Pokemon

Pokemon is serious business at our house. We’ve been known to take spontaneous road trips just to hunt the little critters using the Pokemon Go app, as documented in this vlog:

Recently, Dawn and I took a weekend trip to Texas. While there, we decided to drive to Waco and visit Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market. We expected the HGTV stars’ store and bakery to be busy, but we weren’t prepared for the lines that stretched down the block.

It had been a long drive, in frustrating traffic. I offered to stand in line for the bakery while Dawn waited in line to use the restroom. While I was creeping towards the bakery entrance with the rest of the crowd, I noticed a Pokemon nearby that I hadn’t caught yet (Sudowoodo). I was really, really tempted to hop out of line and walk the couple of blocks to catch it, but I managed to restrain myself and was eventually rewarded with entrance to the air-conditioned bakery.

I’m especially glad that I didn’t give in to temptation because I ended up catching a Sudowoodo the very next day. But you can bet your bottom dollar that I would have given up my spot in a heartbeat for a Charizard or Tyranitar. My self-control does have its limits.

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