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Switcharoo [ Nintendo Switch ] – Comic Strip #4

Switcharoo - Nintendo Switch
Today’s comic strip is a lesson in managing your expectations. When I saw this tweet from Best Buy, I got a bit excited:

But I’m also a realist. I knew that my actual chances of scoring a Nintendo Switch were not great. As with most Nintendo console launches, supply is scarce. Still, I camped the Best Buy website’s Nintendo Switch product page and, as soon as their limited stock became available, mashed the “Add to cart” button. I got as far as entering my payment information before the entire site became an unusable mire of error messages and spinning process icons.

After nearly an hour of battling the checkout process and another 20 minutes on hold, waiting for the phone support the site suggested trying, the Switch disappeared from my cart and I was slapped with a “this item is out of stock” message.

See, my fatal error wasn’t expecting to get one of those coveted Switches; my mistake was expecting a tech giant like Best Buy to have a website capable of handling the demand that they created with their promotional tweets.

Oh well. In the grand scheme of things, none of this is really a big deal. Unless you’re a member of the Best Buy public relations team. Then, based on the rapid-fire stream of hate that I saw being tweeted, your life is currently a living hell and you have my sympathy. Eventually you’ll probably even have my business, when I can just walk into my local store and buy a Switch off the shelf.

Until then, it’s back to Horizon: Zero Dawn and Overwatch.

UPDATE: A few hours after scheduling today’s comic, I was able to snag a Nintendo Switch at Amazon. Victory is mine!

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