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The Unthinkable [ Mario Kart ] – Comic Strip #5

The Unthinkable - mario kart

The Unthinkable - Mario Kart

Only a gamer parent of gamer children will understand the struggle of raising trash-talking hooligans with chips on their shoulders. On second thought, that’s pretty much every teenager ever.

I try to be a good example for my kids, I really do. But there are only so many red turtle shells to the back of the head that one can laugh off before one snaps. Every time I think I might actually win a round of Mario Kart, as I’m closing in on that beautiful checkered finish line, I hear the familiar beeping that indicates one of my offspring has locked onto me with a red turtle shell of doom, and it’s just a matter of seconds before they zoom past my flaming wreckage and steal what’s rightfully mine. Every. Single. Time.

I take a little solace in knowing that I’ll eventually die and leave all my worldly possessions to the family pet. Is that unnecessarily vindictive? Probably. Is it deserved? Absolutely. And when my children attend the reading of my will, I want the person doing the reading to deliver the news and then, when my kids are all sitting there perplexed, I want the reader to just hold up a picture of a red turtle shell, smirk, and walk away.

– Illustrations created using ToonDoo. New comic strips every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!

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How to Unlock 200cc and Mirror Mode in Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8With the recent update to Mario Kart 8, Nintendo added the super fast 200cc mode. Unfortunately, they didn’t tell people how to go about accessing the new mode. In an effort to save you some time and stress tracking down this information, I’ve laid it all out for you here.

It turns out that the new 200cc mode has the same requirements as unlocking mirror mode (where you race on reversed versions of the tracks).

What you need to do:

You will need to get a gold trophy in each of the original 8 cups, by finishing first in each cup on 150cc mode. The cups you will need gold trophies for are:

  • Banana Cup
  • Flower Cup
  • Leaf Cup
  • Lightning Cup
  • Mushroom Cup
  • Shell Cup
  • Special Cup
  • Star Cup

You must be racing in 150cc mode in order for the win to count towards the unlock.

What you do not need to do:
  • You DO NOT need to finish first on each track. As long as you accrue enough points to finish first overall in each cup, your win will qualify towards the unlock.
  • You DO NOT need to win trophies for any DLC cups (Bell Cup, Crossing Cup, Egg Cup, and Triforce Cup as of this writing).

My kids and I found it easiest to win gold trophies when we played multiplayer grand prix and worked together as a team. We would concentrate on only attacking the computer-controlled racers, while being careful not to hit each other with shells, etc.

How fast is 200cc?

200cc mode is FAST. Be prepared to drift a lot. Here’s a quick clip from one of our recent races: